As we attempt to make sense of an impossible situation, there is pressure to register our loved one’s death, arrange a funeral and negotiate complex affairs. It’s no wonder that we feel lost, unable to cope and don’t know where to turn.At AJ Adkinson & Son we promise to be here for you 24 hours, to listen compassionately, support you and provide expert, professional and transparent advice. We will talk you through the steps you need to take and be by your side through this most difficult time.

Unexpected Loss

In the event of a sudden loss, the Police or ambulance service may call a duty Funeral Director to collect your loved one. You may choose whichever Funeral Director you wish to care for your loved one after this initial transfer. In the event of a sudden death, His Majesty’ Coroner may be involved. Their role is to investigate and attribute a cause of death. The Coroner’s officers are extremely helpful and will liaise with you and with us.

Loss at Home or in Residential Care

Your loved one cannot be transferred into our care until a qualified medical professional has confirmed that they have passed away. During working hours, please contact their GP and outside of working hours, dial NHS 111. There may be a period of waiting for a professional to arrive but during this time, please call us if you feel in need of advice or support. As soon as you are ready, our dedicated teams will be with you and take care of your loved one. Their GP will issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, which will be sent electronically to the Registrar in order for you to register their death.

Loss in Hospital

Our hospitals have dedicated bereavement teams, who will guide you through the initial steps to take until your loved one can be released into our care. As soon as possible, let this team know that we will be looking after funeral arrangements and if your loved one chose burial or cremation. The hospital will arrange for the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to be issued and sent electronically to the Registrar in order for you to register their death.

How to Register a Death

Once the Registrar has received the Medical Certificate, they will contact you by telephone. This initial call will be to explain the process and make a subsequent appointment to register in person at the registry office in the district where your loved one passed away.

The Registrar calls from a withheld number, so please answer these calls. Once you have registered, you will be able to purchase copies of the death certificate, which must be paid for at the time and cost £11.00 each.

The Registrar will issue the Certificate of Burial or Cremation, (commonly called the ‘green certificate’), either to you in person or send it to us electronically. We must receive the green certificate in order to proceed with funeral arrangements.

We’re here to guide you through the first steps.
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