Tailoring every funeral service

With almost a century of experience in the Oadby community, we’re well-prepared to deal with traditional funeral services, but at AJ Adkinson & Son we also pride ourselves on our equally professional approach to specialist requirements and less traditional approaches. This includes natural burials, non-religious funerals, and funerals for those from all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Cultural facilities, Asian funerals and more

As Leicestershire and the UK as a whole has become more diverse, we aim to become accordingly varied as Funeral Directors. Our cultural facilities include a room for gatherings and specific catering for Asian funerals. Visit us in Oadby to see how we can tailor our services to your needs.

Funeral music alternatives to hymns

Many funerals no longer have a religious context and provide an opportunity to focus solely on the life of the person whose funeral you are arranging. In place of hymns, any choice of music can be arranged, whether recorded or performed by professional musicians. Visit our non-religious funerals section to find out more.

Finding your natural burial ground

Natural burials, based on ecological principles, may be held as religious or non-religious services. See our natural burial section for more information on how we specialise in environmentally friendly funeral services for residents of Leicestershire and neighbouring areas.

Our doors are open to everyone

Oadby and Leicestershire are well known for their multiculturalism. AJ Adkinson & Son welcome that diversity and aim to provide a first class funeral service to all, providing bespoke arrangements to meet all cultural requirements and the most positive experience possible.

For more information on any of our specialist funeral services, select an option from the drop-down menu.